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Learn more about the legal principle of coverture, which continues to shape American women’s lives. Dating back to medieval English common law, coverture was based on the idea that women were unequal to men. 

N-YHS Museum & Library
3 minutes

Take a look back at New-York Historical's founding in 1804 and our ongoing mission to preserve America's history and uncover untold stories from our collective past.

1 minute

Meet me at the clock! The great Waldorf Astoria clock is a legendary part of New York City lore and a meeting spot for generations of New Yorkers. Originally made for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, it was crafted in London, weighs two tons, and features relief portraits of Presidents Washington, Jackson, Harrison, Lincoln, Grant, and Cleveland, and Queen Victoria of England.

Member Events
36 minutes

What do you know about cigars and bachelor life? Join Rebecca Klassen, associate curator of material culture, for a look at the cigar ribbon quilts in our collection and what they tell us about  the cigar industry in New York, women's work, and snazzy interiors for single men.

Programs and Events

Get an inside look at our new exhibition Dreaming Together, a groundbreaking collaboration with Asia Society Museum that's on view now. Watch this insightful panel that introduces the exhibition's themes and discusses what can happen when cultures dream in tandem. 


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