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"A Visit from St. Nicholas" 1862 MSS.BV.Moore.1
"Columbia Demands Her Children" 1864 PR.010.1864.30
"In relation to Foreign Nations." Draft of Federalist #64 ca. 1788 MSS.JohnJayPapers.1
"St. Nicholas. Dec. 6th. A.D. 343" 1810 LIB.SY.1810.94
"Why Don't You Speak for Yourself, John?" PR.031.3
A Brief Description of NEW-YORK: Formerly Called New-Netherlands.. 1670 LIB.Y.1670.Den
A journall, with observations on my travail from Boston in N.E. to N.Y., New Jersies, & Philadelphia... 1697 MSS.BV.Benjamin.Bullivant
A Song for the times, or John Brown 1860-1870 LIB.SY.B1860.104
Aaron Burr (1756-1836) 1836 1927.59
Abraham Lincoln April, 1865 PR.011.10
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) 1916-1922 1954.164
Abraham Lincoln, the Martyr, Victorious PR.052.48
Afternoon Hastings Landing. Palisades Rocks in Shadow, New York 1836-37 1952.410
Albert Gallatin (1761-1849) ca. 1849 MSS.GallatinPapers.1
Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804) ca. 1793 1928.18
American Bastille LIB.E458.8.M36.1870F.XL
American Ornithology; or The Natural History of the Birds of the United States 1880 LIB.Y1808.W
An Address to the inhabitants of the British Settlements in America, upon slave-keeping 1773 LIB.Y1773.RushAddress
An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti: comprehending a view of the principal transactions in the revolution of Saint Domingo; with its antient and modern state 1805 LIB.F1923.R15.1
Anna Pavlova (1881-1931) 1924 1952.45
Architect's Sign ca. 1837 1953.197
Armchair 1856-1857 1857.11
Armchair 1785-1789 1916.7
Artistic Houses: being a series of interior views of a number of the most beautiful and celebrated homes in the United States 1883 - 1884 PR.
Astor House ca.1853-1859 PR.020.65.1
At the Battle of Palo Alto 1846 PR.068.24
Atom Bomb Hits New York City: Illustration for "Hiroshima, U.S.A." in Collier's, 5 August 1950, cover 1950 1956.7
Augustus Coe Gurnee dressed for the Vanderbilt costume ball, March 26, 1883 March 26, 1883 PR.
Baby walker 1700-1750 INV.14959
Badge of the Society of the Cincinnati ca. 1802 1972.12ab
Balustrade section from Federal Hall, New York 1788-1789 1884.3
Bank of Newburgh Bank Notes 1823-1824 PR.221.3
Batter pitcher 1798 1937.587
Beschryvinge van Nieuvv-Nederlant 1656 LIB.Y.1656.D
Brandywine bowl (brandewijnkom) ca. 1700 1911.38
Broadway, A.T. Stewart Dry Goods Store 1851 PR.020.FF.28
Brown Brothers, Irving Place, showing east side from Eighteenth Street to Gramercy Park South March, 1909 PR.020.19.2
Cake board 1825-1835 1937.1562
Cake board 1825-1835 1937.1562
Camp scene from photograph ca. 1861-1865 PR.022.4
Carolina Parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis), Havell plate no. 26 c. 1825 1863.17.26
Castle Garden, New York City 1859 1972.13
Cayambe 1858 S-91
Central Park Competition Entry No. 29 March, 1858 PR.003.233
Chaise (side chair) 1779 1817.13
Chatelaine ca. 1761 1954.179a-d
Civil Defense Volunteer Organization Uniform 1942-1945 1946.89a-c
Come in, and Prevent a "Draft" ca. 1863 PR.055.3.105
Common Sense 1776
Contraband Camp -- Harper's Ferry, VA 1865 PR.065.815.7
Corcoran Legion Fifth regiment. Col. William McEvily. A few good men are wanted to fill up Capt. Wm. L. Monegan's company. This is a splendid opportunity for young men to join a Crack Regiment. ca. 1862 PR.055.3.189
Declaration of Independence 1776 LIB.SY.1776.4
Declaration of Independence 1820-1823 PR.221.44
Declaration of sentiments of the American Anti-Slavery Society : adopted at the formation of said society, in Philadelphia, on the 4th day of December, 1833 Publication: 1848-1855 LIB.E449.A53.1848
Dish: footed compote with cover 1825-1845 1936.693ab
Draft wheel ca. 1863 1865.6
Dragonfly table lamp ca. 1900-1906 N84.113.1
Dressing table 1795-1810 INV.14982
Edwin Booth as Hamlet 1870-1879 PR.104.3
Elisha Kent Kane, M.D. (1820-1857) 1858 1859.1
Fete to Lafayette 1824 PR.022.9
Fire engine condenser case of the Clinton Fire Company No. 41 ca. 1842 1937.1631
Flags on 57th Street, Winter 1918 1918 1984.68
Fort Hamilton Polka Redowa 1852 PR.020.1.1
Fragment of the equestrian statue of King George III (tail) 1770-1776 1878.6
Fraktur: Birth and Baptism certificate of Joseph Flor 1811 PR.022.13
Framed leaves from Abraham Lincoln's bier 1865 1947.47
Freedom to the Slaves ca. 1865 PR.052.58
Front View of St. Peter's Church with the intended steeple 1785 PR.McComb.4.70
Fuller (Flat Iron) Building, New York 1903 PR.020.61.1
Geometrical Lathe-work Proof PR.221.63
George Washington (1732-1799) 1835 1858.32
Get off the track! : a song for Emmancipation, sung by the Hutchinsons, respectfully dedicated to Nath.l P. Rogers, as a mark of esteem for his intrepidity in the cause of human rights 1844 LIB.M1622a.Hutchinson
Great Attraction at the Masonic Hall...Joice Heth 1835 LIB.SY.1835.49
Grenadier cap 1740-1770 1890.3
Group of Chicago Zouave Cadets PR.049.FF.MIL.CHIZOU
I Knew Him Horatio 1864 PR.010.1864.Horatio
I Sell the Shadow to Support the Substance 1864 PR.011.5
Illustrations of cholera asphyxia in its different stages. Selected from cases treated at the Cholera Hospital, Rivington Street 1832 LIB.Y1832.Bart.Cholera
Important meeting of the African Civilization Society, at the Cooper Institute, Wednesday evening, March 7th, 1860, at eight o'clock 1860 LIB.SY.1860.48
Indenture of Peter van Dyck and Cornelia, his Wife, Documenting the Administration of Margrieta van Varick's Estate September 4, 1719 MSS.VanCortlandtPapers.vanDyck
Interior of Durand's Studio at Maplewood, New Jersey After 1878 PR.020.FF.1
Invitation to Erie Canal Celebration 1825 PR.221.12
Journael Gehouden opt’ schip den gulden Bever en tschip den gulden Otter van de Manathans naer Patria Ende Wedrom naer de Manathans (Journal kept aboard the Ship the Golden Beaver and the Ship the Golden Otter from the Manhattans to Patria and the return) October 1660- June 1663 MSS.Ships.Journals.1600
Kast 1675-1690 1941.914
Kerchief 1776-1777 1952.63
Ki On Twog Ky (also known as Cornplanter ) (1732/40-1836) 1796 1867.314
Lady Arthur Paget (Minne Stevens) dressed for the Delmonico ball, 1875 1875 PR.
Ledger, 1678-1684 1678-1684 MSS.BV.Clopper.Ledger.1678
Life studies of the Great Army 1876 PR.002.Album383
Lincoln visits General McClellan at Antietam 1862, published later PR.065.778.5
Ma-Nuncue After 1826 PR.221.58
Madison Square Presbyterian Church ca. 1906 PR.042.2
Major Gen'l Z. Taylor Before Monterey 1848 PR.068.27
Manhattan Rifles! 1861-1865 PR.055.3.226
Map of the Borough of Manhattan of the City of New York, showing relation between the distribution of foreign stock and negro population with the dissemination of communist and socialist propaganda during the summer of 1932 1932 LIB.NS11.M14.1.20
Masonic apron 1780-1800 1951.523ab
Matthew Perry ca. 1855 PR.012.2.787
Mayor George B. McClellan at the controls of the first subway train, October 27, 1904 1904 PR.020.90.1
Medicine Man (Blackfoot): Plate 173 1866-68 1872.23.173
Memorial sample card 1947.490a
Minaret Turkish Cigarettes PR.031.111.AMER.MIN
Miscegenation: the theory of the blending of the races, applied to the American white man and negro.. 1864 LIB.E185.62.C76.1864
Mrs. Charles A. Lamb (1829-1893) 1878 1893.2
Mrs. Charles Walsh (nee Blood) dressed for the Vanderbilt costume ball, March 26, 1883 March 26, 1883 PR.
Mrs. Pierre Toussaint (ca. 1786-1851) ca. 1825 1920.5
N Amsterdam, ou N Iork in Ameriq ca. 1700 PR.020.FF.13
Napoleon's Authorization for the Sale of the Louisiana Territory April 24, 1803 MSS.Y1803
Negro Life at the South 1859 S-225
New York City Hall, front elevation 1802 PR.040.1
Novi Belgii Novaque Angliae Nec Non Partis Virginiae Tabula After 1655 LIB.NS4.M31.1.38
Old Christmas : from the Sketch book of Washington Irving 1878 LIB.PS2069.C4
Oud en nieuw Oost-Indiën... Volume 5, part 1 (deel 5, stuk 1) 1724-1726 LIB.Y.1724.V
Our Indian Policy 1875 PR.029.1
Panoramic View of New York City (in Eight Sections) 1842-45 1915.76
Parade on Broadway for McKinley & Hobart 1896 PR.008.1
Pastoral Scene by Andrew R. Smith 1822 MSS.BV.AfricanFreeSchool.Vol4.
Petition from Lydia Heckle to Marinus Willett, Mayor of New York, re: Miranda expedition, May 16, 1807 1807 MSS.NewYorkCity.Misc.1
Petition to Abraham Lincoln for recruitment of black troops ca. 1862 MSS.BV.Petitions
Pewterers' banner 1788 1903.12
Pictorial map of New York and vicinity, showing the suburban towns, and railroad and water communications 1871 LIB.NS4.M32.3.10.1
Pierre Toussaint (ca. 1781-1853) ca. 1825 1920.4
Plan of the Central Park, New York : Entry No. 4 in the competition March 20, 1858 PR.003.234
Plan of the City of New York 1776 LIB.NS3.M36.1.3ab
Poems, Henricus Selyns 1659-1686 MSS.BV.Selyns
Politicians measuring Lincoln's shoes March 5th 1864 PR.010.1864.Politicians
Portrait of an Unidentified Woman ca. 1700-1725 1952.80
Portrait of Six Young Women Seated in a Turkish Corner PR.120.1.3.SIX
Portrait of two girls PR.012.1.326.Box12
President Lincoln at Home, Reading the scriptures to his son and wife 1865 PR.052.52
Properties, Including Vacant Plots, Foreclosed in Manhattan During 1930-1931-1932 March 29, 1933 LIB.F128.HD251.R28
Proposed Coat of Arms for New Amsterdam, New Netherland: Preparatory Drawing for a Presentation to the Dutch West India Company ca. 1630 1885.5
Provisional Constitution and Ordinances for the People of the United States 1858 LIB.KF4550.Z9.B76
Punch bowl: Landing of Lafayette 1840-1850 1910.24
Receipted bill, John Vernon to Benjamin White 1794 MSS.3
Salver 1772-1773 1928.24
Santa Claus and his Works 1870 LIB.YC1870.Web
Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman ca. 1869 LIB.CT.T8855.B7
Seated Man Writing, from the Economical School Series c. 1810-14 1953.274f
Settee ca. 1800 INV.14952
Shrewsbury River, New Jersey 1859 S-229
Siamese Twins 1836 LIB.SY.1836.55
Slant-front desk 1777-1794 1947.461
Slave shackles ca. 1866 1921.20
Snake jug 1871 1906.6ab
Southern Chivalry - Argument versus Club's 1856 PR.010.1856.4
Speech of His Excellency George Washington, Esq; president of the United States of America, delivered to the Honorable the Congress LIB.SY.1789.39
Stained glass window ca. 1656 1951.414b
Stained glass window ca. 1656 1951.414c
Subway controller 1904 1922.103
Tammany Bank ca. 1875 1937.1237
Terms of Surrender April 9, 1865 MSS.BV.Grant
The Assassination of President Lincoln, at Ford's Theater, Washington D.C. April 14th 1865 1865 PR.052.60
The Bulls and Bears in the Market 1879 1971.104
The Child's Anti-Slavery Book 1859 LIB.E449.C5372
The Course of Empire: Desolation 1836 1858.5
The Course of Empire: Destruction 1836 1858.4
The Course of Empire: The Arcadian or Pastoral State ca. 1834 1858.2
The Course of Empire: The Consummation of Empire 1835-1836 1858.3
The Course of Empire: The Savage State ca. 1834 1858.1
The Dead at Gettysburg ca. 1863 PR.164.4.38.GettysburgDead
The definitive treaty of peace and friendship, between His Britannick Majesty, the Most Christian King, and the King of Spain : concluded at Paris, the 10th day of February, 1763, to which, the King of Portugal acceded on the same day... 1763 LIB.Y1763.Tre
The Draft Riots in New York- The Battle in Second Avenue 1863 PR.020.100.4
The Funeral of Ulysses Grant 1885 PR.020.98.1
The Indian Hunter 1860 1939.390
The Lost Cause 1871 PR.068.19
The N. O. massacre 1866 LIB.SY.1866.43
The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands LIB.QH41.C26.1974
The Peale Family 1773-1809 1867.298
The Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant 1885-1886 LIB.XL.CT.G763.A3
The Rail Candidate 1860 PR.010.1860.Rail
The Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown PR.068.34
The True Issue or "That's What's the Matter" 1864 PR.010.1864.35
Thomas Cole (1801-1848) ca. 1845 PR.012.2.885
Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) 1805 1867.306
Thoughts on African Colonization 1832 LIB.E448.G24.1832
Totius Neobelgii Nova Et Accuratissima Tabula After 1674 LIB.NS4.M31.1.28
Twenty-third Street west of Sixth Avenue 1900 PR.020.FF.2
Ulysses S. Grant at Cold Harbor 1864 PR.052.56.GrantUniform.Photos.
Undutiful Boys 1835 1858.23
Untitled (Skating in Central Park, N.Y.) ca. 1890 PR.020.50.2
View from Cozzen's Hotel Near West Point, N.Y. 1863 S-189
Walker's Appeal, In Four Articles 1829 LIB.E441.Box.W1784.W3
We mourn our country's loss 1865 PR.052.55
Wedding dress ca. 1712 with several alterations into the 20th century 1949.115a
William Pitt, the Elder, First Earl of Chatham (1708-1778) ca. 1770 1864.5
William Walton (1706-1768) ca. 1750 1902.3
Wonderful Willie! : What he and Tommy did to Spain / sketches and rhymes by L.D. Bradley. ca. 1899 LIB.PZ7.B66.W6
Wooden leg of Gouverneur Morris ca. 1780 1954.148
Ye book of copperheads 1863 LIB.XS.E647.L52.1863
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