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Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776
The Proceedings of the Convention of Delegates, Held at the Capitol, in the City of Williamsburg, in the Colony of Virginia [. . .]
Williamsburg: Alexander Purdie, [1776]
Photo credit: Ardon Bar-Hama

New York Constitution of 1777
The Constitution of the State of New-York
Fish-Kill: Samuel Loudon, 1777
Photo credit: Ardon Bar-Hama

Constitution of the United States of America, 1787
We, the People of the United States, […] do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America
[Philadelphia:] Dunlap & Claypoole, [September 17, 1787]
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Choctaw Nation Constitution of 1838
The Constitution and Laws of the Choctaw Nation
Park Hill, Cherokee Nation: John Candy, 1840
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Louisiana Constitution of 1868
40th Congress, 2d Session. House of Representatives. Ex. Doc. No. 281.
North Carolina and Louisiana […] constitutions of those States. May 11, 1868.—Referred to the Committee on Reconstruction [. . .]

[Washington, D.C.: Printed for the House of Representatives, 1868]
Photo credit: Ardon Bar-Hama

Wyoming Constitution of 1889
Constitution of the Proposed State of Wyoming [. . .]
Cheyenne, Wyo.: The Cheyenne Leader Printing Co., 1889
Photo credit: Ardon Bar-Hama

Bilingual New Mexico Constitution of 1910
Constitution of the State of New Mexico. Constitucion del Estado de Nuevo Mexico
Santa Fe, N.M.: La Voz del Pueblo, 1912
Photo credit: Ardon Bar-Hama

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